Stray Dog in D​/​/​Rail Road City EP

by andrw fx

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These songs were written, pieced together and recorded in many different conditions and environments between 2010-2012. These songs are a product of the lingering past, always approaching future, broken hearts, wandering minds, confusion, depression, home life, home sickness, homelessness, growing up in a post-industrial wasteland, moving to a post-industrial wasteland and coping with all of the above mentioned.


released May 3, 2012

Boog-Guitar/Vocals/Melodica and Mandolin on "Battle Cries"



all rights reserved


andrw fx Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

andrw fx is a writer, mixed medium artist and former misanthrope from the rust belt. he walks mindfully and smokes menthol cigarettes.

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Track Name: I'll Die By Honesty
I try to use my voice,
but it never gets too far.
I "live" this life,
with a handful of cards.
I never seem,
to be holding all the right ones.
I never thought,
That I’d see twenty one.

I'm the only one,
without cards up my sleeves.
I never tell a lie,
and I'm not a fucking thief.
When I draw that pistol,
You'll see it rise from my side.
I won't shoot you in the back,
I'll shoot right between your eyes.

Ch: Curiosity will kill the cat.
And honesty will kill me.
I'll wear a bullet in the back,
from a gun I didn't see.
Concealed beneath a coat,
and they'll look me in the eye.
I will turn my back,
And know it's my time.
To die.

I'm rather unaware,
whose hands will hold my blood.
Stranger or my best friend,
was it one within my blood?
This world is too hateful,
to die of old age.
I don't want to write my final chapter,
can't I burn every page?

I hold the pen,
and I can turn the page.
I can close the book,
and I can learn with age.
I can hope to see a gray beard,
and wrinkles and rot.
I could live a lie forever,
but I'd rather not.
Track Name: Home Sweet All Alone
Living in the same home, for 21 years.
Got a mess of kin that loves me so,
But, I don’t belong here.
I have slept in warm beds,
on linoleum and stone.
This place is all I’ve ever known,
But this place, it just aint home.

Ch: And if home is where the heart is,
What if you can’t find your heart?
What if you’ve been dreaming,
all of your life?
And you don’t know who you are!
No place to go. No place to be.
I know something about everyone,
but nobody knows me.

Everything has a reason,
that’s just what they say.
But if there’s a reason in my life,
Why am I the Stray?
And I have, prayed to gods,
To tell me, where to go.
All those gods are dead and gone,
Home-sweet, all alone.
Track Name: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Straydog....Sometimes
We’re all strays. We stray from our paths.
We’re all on a mission. To forget our pasts.

Ch: The stray dog is in you, it’s in me.
It’s our chance to be free.
We don’t need no wealth, and we don’t need a home.
We got each other and alleys to roam.
The stray dog is in you, it’s in me.

Bandits on the run. Running for our lives.
Stealing back our hearts. Taking back our sound minds.

Ch 2: Sometimes it’s hard to sleep alone.
And sometimes it’s hard to not have a home.
We gave that up, when we chose to fight.
And we’ve got these bottles to kiss goodnight.
Straydogs and bandits, raise your bottles high.
Kiss them farewell. That’s all, goodbye.
Track Name: Devil's Lullaby
A single sword has punctured deep, cut me down a hundred times.
I’ve sung the words of love and truth, and I’ve screamed a thousand rhymes.
Licked my wounds and swallowed deep, drank of the poison well.
I’ll take these words to bed with me, and sing them all in hell.

Ch: Sing the devil a lullaby, sing her right to sleep.
You can have my memories, but my soul you just can’t keep.

Take a drink and bury the hatchet, light that cigarette.
Whisper words of when we were young, spit in the face of regret.
You don’t need a melody to sing along, you don’t need to know the words.
Think of past friends and faded memories, light them fly away like birds.
Track Name: Bilge Rat Waltz
The ship has finally sailed,
It’s set it’s dying course.
No sense in lying, we’re just drowning and dying.
I can’t lie to myself anymore.

Ch: The vision is tainted. The deck is stained.
The sails have turned to black.
Not a star in the sky, no Polaris to guide.
There’s no way that I’m ever going back.

Well out on these, malignant seas.
About to be swallowed whole.
Taking in water, faster than.
I could ever beg for my soul.

God, I cry out.
My last words, my last breath.
But god wasn’t there, just the storm and me.
And the strangling hands of death.
Track Name: Patches Only Conceal Holes
On a worn and weary flag of once were dreams.
There are still stitches that hold at thread-barren seams.
Patches sewn over holes that truth once fell through.
Entwined and woven deep inside are the dreams we once outgrew.

Ch: I can hope, I can dream. You can’t take that from me.
We can hope, we can dream. They can’t take our dreams.

These rusty pipes have taken years of abuse.
But when asked to give up they still refuse.
These fingers crack and bleed time and time again.
But I can’t give up until I reach my happy end.
Track Name: Are You Sure You Wanna Know What I Really Think?
I hear stray dogs howling in the night,
Reminding me of my loneliness, making it harder to fight.
Keeping me alone and tired and up,
Thinking of all the bridges that I’ve burnt,
and everything that I’ve fucked up.

I used to tell myself I was an anarchist,
But now I’m turning into a piece of shit nihilist.
But, I still recycle (my own) bottles, riffs and thoughts,
And I still like to be reminded of the good times that I’ve forgot.

It’s so hard to care, and even harder to remember!
When all of your friends talk about, is where they’ll be next September!
It’s so hard to care, and even harder to remember!
I don’t even wanna think about, where I won’t be next September.
Where I won’t be next September.
Where I won’t be.
Where I won’t be.
Next September.
Track Name: Battle Cries
Kindling in their fire,
And I’m burning with a rage.
Tired of this way of life,
And dying in this cage.
This lonesome, loathsome, living lie,
Leaves me asking why?
Hear my drum, hear my strum,
And hear my battle cries.

Little one, oh little one,
Rest your weary head.
We’ve been fighting, dying trying,
On this path we’ve tread.
You’re dancing for your dinner,
To the melody of “life”.
I’m singing for my supper,
My whisky, my beans and rice.

This institution of falsehood,
This empire of greed.
Is plotting to get the best of,
Both you and me.
They can’t sell you wisdom,
Or tell me what to read.
I got my wisdom from,
Trying and failing and barely prevailing,
From you, and from me.
Track Name: Rail Road City
Down between the mountaintops,
There’s this little hole.
Railroad city strived and thrived,
Until it lost it’s soul.
Way down in the valley,
There’s fields of abandoned trains,
Bottled up in boxcars,
Is where the city keeps it’s pain.
Like the empty tracks,
The city’s rusting out.
They’ve been packed away,
And forgotten all about.
How are you to get out,
If you can’t hop a moving train,
The only way you’re getting out,
Is the poisons in your brain.

Ch: I hate this fucking town,
but it’s all I know.
And it’s going to follow me,
No matter where I go.
One day these trains will move again,
And I swear I’m going to leave.
On a boxcar heading far away,
Goodbye Railroad City.

Now the corporate world,
Introduces gentrification.
And they’re leveling the hilltops,
To promote their organizations.
Dilapidated homes,
Mark the graves of the old way.
And there’s hypodermic needles,
Where the children play.
Regressing mentalities,
There’s no sense of community.
Though the build monuments,
To our great-grandfathers gone.
They’d be rolling in their graves,
If they’d seen what everyone has done.